Year 3

Premier All Stars Years 2-4 2019

Well done to all who took part in the Y2, Y3 and Y4 tournament at Oakwell . Years 2/3/4 thoroughly enjoyed this occasion. A massive thank you to Miss Grange and Mr King for their help in transporting the children. The team were...

Year 3 Sports

Our Year 3 superstars had a brilliant Sports Day on our School Field. Thanks so much to Miss Grange for her organisational skills, to the Sports Helpers, our PTA for the shop as well as our #WonderfulCommunity who supported...

3D Star

Wow! Our travelling superstar has utilised a 3D printer to create one of his favourite Japanese Landmarks. Yes he was lucky enough to judge the Castle to be his favourite in person, following an amazing Easter trip. He has then...


Years 3 and 4 Football

We hosted a Years 3/4 (with 2 Year 2 stars in our squad) football tournament at West Meadows. Hoyland Springwood, Birdwell and St. Mary’s were the visitors. We were absolutely delighted with our performances; three...

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Cricket Kidz

We don’t like cricket, WE LOVE IT! Thanks to the Yorkshire Cricket Board, we have enjoyed some brilliant sessions in Years 3 and 4. Let’s hope Rockingham or Elsecar Cricket Clubs are ready for tomorrow’s superstars.

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Red Nose Block Code

Year 3 have been using the new scratch 3 offline editor to code their Red Nose Day themed game. Red noses appear randomly on screen, when they are squeezed, the funny face stretches and points are added to the score.

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Year 3 Arts Workshops

As part of our arts topic, we have been learning about the different styles of Monet. We use Taching techniques, which means touch, and looked at how Monet used paint to create different light effects. We created some amazing...

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Year 3 Guided Reading – Familiar Stories

In our guided reading this week, we have been focusing on reading with intonation and volume. We read many familiar stories and acted them with our peers, who then gave feedback for improvements and what worked well. We really...

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Year 3 Project Art

As part of our art topic, we have been researching and looking at the art of Claude Oska Monet. I bet you didn’t know that was his middle name? We focused on one of his many famous pieces called ‘Waterlilies.’...

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