Year 2

Year 2 Terrific Trucks

What a superb topic Year 2 have enjoyed with Mr. Hepp. The trucks that they have produced are quite brilliant. Thank you so much to Mr. Hepp for his creativity, hard work and amazing design and technological skills. We have...

Super Skills in Year 2

Year 2 are really enjoying their work with Mr. Hepp. They have used different drills, sanded their work and made sure they have been measuring accurately. A brilliant start to the project. Well done everyone.

Year 2 DT Opening

  Year 2 met Mr. Hepp for their opening session of Design & Technology. Keep tuning in here to find out exactly what they will be building. Well done everyone – a great start and thanks again Mr....


Key Stage 1 Winners

Our team travelled to Jump Primary for the Key stage 1 Gymnastics Competition. Everyone involved was amazing. So amazing that they came home with the trophy as event winners. Miss Grange and her support team are SO proud of...

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Theatre Magic

We hosted a production of Jack & The Beanstalk in school – it was amazing so a huge thanks to Mrs. Roberts for arranging this treat. The show acted as a prequel for our visit to the Civic Theatre with EYFS2 next month....

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Space Travellers

Year 2 hosted our #WonderfulCommunity for a Space Travel engineering project. Rockets and Moon Buggies were designed and then constructed with the help of our families. Many thanks to our Year 2 Team for leading the day. The...

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