Many thanks to our Local Parish Priest, Special Friend and School Governor Father Richard for taking Assembly on Candlemas. Candlemas is a church festival staged in February in honour of the presentation of the infant Jesus in the Temple. Another name for Candlemas is ‘Bitter – sweet.’ Why? Candlemas is another name for the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, a festival recognising an ancient tradition of bringing the first born of a Jewish family to the temple to be blessed, and celebrated by the church as Mary and Joseph took the child Jesus following this ancient rite. There they were greeted by an old man Simeon who had prayed long years in the temple for the one, the Messiah to come to save his people. Simeon recognised Jesus as that Messiah and as he was welcoming the child and his parents his greeting was bitter – sweet, in seeing this child who was to be ‘The Light of the World’, he saw too the suffering that lay ahead of him and his family, that costly journey they would share with Jesus to the cross of Good Friday. As always, it was a pleasure to welcome Father Richard in to school. The £5 donation to Bluebell Wood was also gratefully received.