We staged our annual Harvest Festival with help from St. Peter’s Church Hoyland in front of a wonderfully supportive whole school congregation (see All Things Bright & Beautiful.) Of course, we have had to rely on the magic of the camera this year at Harvest Time. However, children from EYFS 2 and Years 1-2 gave a superb performance of art, poetry, prayer and song to celebrate the fruits of the earth. Many thanks to Mrs. Evans and Mr. Ormondroyd for their coordination of this event – it was still beautiful. Thanks to all Staff for their support of the event. Thank you to Father Richard for allowing Mrs. Evans to utilise our beautiful Church in a safe, socially distanced way. Well done to everyone involved in this fabulous service; some wonderful messages were shared in a charming, creative and engaging way.Let’s all hope that the Video idea is a one off and we can return to Church as normal as soon as possible. Happy Harvest.