Year 4 visited the Wetlands, at Old Moor RSPB, as part of our new science topic about food chains, lifecycles and habitats. We visited and worked in different habitats including; Wetlands, Grasslands and Woodlands. We started our day off with some pond dipping and used identification keys to see what we had found. We found water boatmen, blood worms, water beetles, water spiders and Damselfly nymphs. We created food chains and discussed life cycles. Did you know that a Damselfly nymph lives in the water for around 5 years, then climbs up long grass, splits itself open to reveal wings and then flies away to lay eggs? Amazing! After lunch, we went into the woodlands and collected mini beasts. We found lots of amazing creatures including centipedes and millipedes. The main difference between them is that a centipede is a carnivore and has 1 pair of legs for each section of the body and a millipede is a herbivore and has 2 pairs of legs for each section of the body. Finally we used classification keys to work out what we had found. Keep watching as we are going to be creating our very own classification key really soon. Staff at Old Moor commented on how well behaved and hardworking we all were, this made Mrs Walton extremely proud! A great day, well done everybody!