Year 6 had a great time at Kirk Balk. We visited them to take part in a science taster session. We got more than we bargained for! First of all we recapped on previous learning about the human body, we could remember loads of facts and used scientific vocabulary. The teachers were impressed.  After that we mad blood and looked at the circulatory system and how blood was pumped and cleaned around the body. Later we gathered round a desk and the teacher surprised us with a huge pair of lungs which once belonged to an ox. She showed up how the lungs worked by inflating and deflating them using her breath into a tube. She then brought out an enormous heart from a bull. It was about 10 times bigger than a human heart. She dissected it and we looked at all the chambers and discussed how it worked. It was amazing. We thought the afternoon was over but then, she gave us all a pair of gloves and a kit with scissors and a scalpel. It was time for us to have a go. Each group was given a pig’s heart and we dissected it and pulled out blood clots that had congealed inside the heart. It was an amazing afternoon Even though we did have a few queasy tummies.