Year 3 have been enjoying reading ‘The land of Roar’ by Jenny McLachlan. Mrs. Walton wrote to her to ask about clues to go with the story. The author sent us lots of clues to open at the end of each chapter. It was really exciting and we were loving the story line. Mrs. Walton started to record herself reading the book and contacted Jenny to let her know. Jenny recorded a video asking if we were all doing okay and wanted to inspire us to get writing. She talked about what inspired her as a child and how important play was to her. She even read some of the story to us! We all loved the video so much,  as part of our literacy, we all wrote thank you letters to her asking lots of questions. It was so good to get a video from an actual author of the book we are reading . Thank you Jenny. Mrs Walton has even entered a competition to have her name used in Jenny’s next book about a mean teacher!