All policies are available from the School Office on request.


Schools Covid-19 Risk Assessment March 2022

School Outbreak Management Plan Template FINAL

Covid Q and A

Covid Funding Plan v2

School policies


Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy

Anti bullying Policy 2020


Fire Safety Plan

School meals policy

Remote-Learning-Policy 2021-22

West Meadows Primary School Accessibility Plan March 2022 – Sept 2024

 Trust policies



SMAT-Acceptable Use Policy 2021

SMAT-Accessibility Strategy 2019

SMAT Admissions Arrangements

SMAT-Allegations of abuse against staff 2019 

SMAT-Assessment-Policy November 21

SMAT-Behaviour Policy Updated 2021

SMAT-Charging and Remissions Policy 2019

SMAT Child Missing in Education Policy

AMAT-Complaints Policy 2020

SMAT-Criminal Convictions Policy 2021

SMAT-Curriculum Policy November 2021

SMAT Data Protection Policy 2021

Data Sharing Agreement BMBC for WMP – June 2021 (4)

SMAT Dealing with abusive parents 2020

SMAT-Dignity at Work Policy 2021 

SMAT- ECT Policy November 2021

SMAT Elective Home Education Policy 2020

Equality Statement Policy and Objectives 2021

Equality Statement for Pupils

Equality Statement for Staff

SMAT-Exclusions Policy 2021

SMAT-Exit Strategy

SMAT EYFS November 2021

SMATY Governors Privacy Notice 2019

SMAT – Health and Safety Policy 2020

SMAT Managing Medical Needs Policy 2020

SMAT NQT Induction Policy 2019 

SMAT Online Safety Policy Oct 2020

SMAT-Parent Carer Privacy Notice 2021

SMAT-Pay Protection (Support Staff) Policy 2021

SMAT Personal and Intimate Care Policy 2020

SMAT – Positive Handling Policy 2020

 SMAT – Recruitment and Selection Policy 2021

SMAT Relationships Education and Health Education Policy 2021

 SMAT-Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy November 2021

SMAT- Special Educational Needs Policy 2021

SMAT Stress Management Policy 2021

SMAT – Teaching and Learning Policy Updated 2019

SMAT The Public Sector Equality Duty3017

SMAT Whistleblowing Policy 2021