Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

My name is Mrs. Walton, and I am the class teacher. I have been at West Meadows for 12 years working as a teacher. I have recently taken on the role as Art lead, writing and developing our art curriculum in school. Also in Year 4 this year are Miss Grain and Miss Harte, who support the children in and out of class.

Our Curriculum – An Overview

Below is a summary of the areas of learning for children in Year 4. More detailed information can be found on our curriculum pages.


Throughout the year we will read various texts which form an integral part of our studies in reading comprehension, writing and History.  These texts are: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Beowulf, How to Train Your Dragon, Anglo-Saxon Boy, The Explorer and Journey to the River’s Edge.


Our Writing Curriculum is sequenced with the intention of building up key knowledge and skills over time.  Throughout our writing units, we embed the key concepts of the Year 4 curriculum. The children are taught skills to be able to write for different purposes and audiences, creating pieces of fiction and non-fiction writing.

Autumn Term: Setting descriptions, non-chronological report, poetry and explanation texts.

Spring term: Character descriptions, narrative, newspaper reports, poetry and persuasive letters.

Summer term – Autobiography, narratives, author study, scripts and poetry.

The children will learn how to create settings, characters and plot in narrative.
They will learn how to use speech and punctuation correctly.
To correctly use some conjunctions (e.g. and, because, when, even though), adverbs (e.g. often, quickly, very), and prepositions (e.g. next to, underneath, with) for cohesion.
They will also know how to join letters with diagonal and horizontal strokes where appropriate in their writing.


Autumn term: Place value, Addition and Subtraction, Area and Multiplication and Division.

Spring term: Multiplication and Division, Length and Perimeter, Fractions and Decimals. Summer term:  Decimals, Money, Time, Shape, Statistics and Position and Direction.

The children also take part in a daily maths meet where they can consolidate their learning.


Autumn term: Animals including Humans, (Teeth and the Digestive system): Sound and States of Matter (Water Cycle).

Spring term: Sound and Living things and their habitats.

Summer term: Living things and their habitats (Food Chains) and Electricity (Circuits).

 Foundation Subjects

History – The Roman Empire, The Vikings and The Mayan Civilisation.

Geography- Place Knowledge – Europe, Locational Knowledge – The countries and capital cities that make up the continent of Europe. and Longitude and Latitude, map reading and Time zones.

Art and Design – Painting, (Artist study: Henri Rousseau).

Drawing - (Artist study: Vincent Van Gogh)

Sculpture – (Artist study: Julia Wilson).

Design and Technology – Mechanisms: Pneumatics, Food: Pizza and Systems and Sttructures: Light boxes.

PE – Hockey, Handball, Gymnastics and Dance, Rounders and Athletics.

RE – Hindu Dharma, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Sikh Dharam and the Jewish Faith

We also teach Music, Computing, PSHE, French and P4C.