Year 3 Assembly November 2019

Our #WonderfulCommunity was treated to a wonderful summary of Year 3’s learning on Ancient Egypt in their latest Class Assembly. In less than a term, the children have learnt an incredible amount about The Ancient...

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Year 4 Assembly November 2019

Well done to Year 4. They entertained our #WonderfulCommunity with a spectacular show around Vikings and this era in our history. Some excellent singing, superb acting and a whole host of historical facts were shared with a most...

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So……. The Egyptians Were Top Scientists?

One week later, we unwrapped our mummified apples to find out what had happened. Check out our results. We carried out the same experiment again but this time we put apples on the ground with underfloor heating and then compared...

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Perfect Paper

Year 3 had a brilliant time making Papyrus as part of their Egyptian learning. They can tell you exactly which Egyptian inventions and customs are still influencing us today. Fantastic.

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Y4 Video Production

  Cameras rolling in Year 4. We’re busy filming our Viking houses along with voice over descriptions of how they’re made. The children are enjoying experimenting with different camera angles....

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ICT Star

Year 3 are studying Ancient Egypt……. This homework is absolutely superb. Great ICT work.

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