F2 went to the library. On the walk into Hoyland they looked at all the different types of houses, terraced, semi-detached, detached, bungalows and flats. They talked about the different shops and buildings that they passed. At the library we met Debbie, we found out about different types of books Fiction and Non Fiction. Debbie also told us about libraries and how to join the library. We listened to some stories and joined in with some actions. We went on a character search  to find all the characters in the story, and find out who was missing. We have all got a special book pack to take home, we loved the library. On the walk back to school we had a number search we found lots of numbers on doors, buses, bins, signs and phone numbers. Miss Jobling was really proud because we talked about which number was the biggest and recognised numbers past 200. A super morning, well done everyone.