In Year 1 our new topic is the Great Fire of London. To introduce this exciting unit of learning, we constructed the city of London using a range of materials. The children spent a whole morning looking at maps of London and pictures of landmarks/buildings such as the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Once the research was completed, we made our very own City of London! Unfortunately, as in 1666, “London” set on fire. The aim was for children to gain an understanding of what it is like to lose something to fire. Of course, when the task was completed (safely) we talked to the city construction workers about why we ‘destroyed London’ and the children really empathised with our capital’s citizens of yester year. A fantastic day which generated excitement, discussion and MANY questions. Well done everybody and thank you to our #WonderfulCommunity for your support in the topic launch; the ‘wow factor’ was certainly evident!