As part of our topic, Ancient Egypt. We invited Horrible Histories in to school to teach us all about the Egyptians. We began looking at Egypt through the years. We then had a massive quiz and had to work in pairs to answer the questions. After that, we looked at weapons and how they had changed over the years with the introduction of copper.

After playtime, we learned how the Ancient Egyptians used maths to measure whilst building the pypamids. Did you know that they measured in cubits, palms and fingers? We played a maths game of hounds and jeckals and before we knew it, it was time for lunch.

After lunch, it was time for the more gruesome stuff! We walked into the hall and there was a ‘body’ waiting for us. It was a Pharoah and he needed mummifying. We pulled out all his insides and turned his brain into jelly before removing it through his nose.  We finished by washing him and wrapping him in bandages. After a while, we had a funeral and laid him in a sarcophagus. We added his death mask and transported him to the Valley of the Kings.

It was an amazing day and we learned so much! Thank you Stewart.