Happy New Year! We are delighted to confirm the introduction of our brand new House System. Every child is allocated a House based on colours and four significant children’s authors. This links with the school’s focus on reading. The teams are as follows: Donaldson (Green), Dahl (Purple), Walliams (Electric Blue) and Kerr (Yellow); families have not been kept in the same house. The children will be given rewards for work, behaviour, kindness, attendance, achievement, representing the school or for any other reason deemed suitable by adults in school – any member of staff and our wonderfully supportive governors. The house point tokens will be collated each week in Celebration Assembly and at the end of the year, the winning House will have an exciting reward that recognises their success! Team captains have been selected from Year 6 by Senior Leaders in school. Have a look at the video that explains this exciting development. An enormous thank you goes to Mr. Armstrong for his design and making of the House Point Collector and to our amazing PTA for agreeing that each child will receive a free t-shirt to wear in PE that displays their house name and colour. Their fabulous fundraising work – supported by all of our #WonderfulCommunity will ‘foot the bill.’