Dear parents and carer,

From this Tuesday, your child will start to bring home a book from our library. This will be sent home in a clear plastic folder each week.

This book can stay at home till Friday each week. When returned on a Friday all books will be placed in a box till the following week. This allows any viruses on the books to have gone before they are taken home again, (following guidelines). All folders will also be sanitised.

Sharing of stories, rhymes and songs with your child is a very important part of their literacy development. Each week a rhyme will be given to learn at home too.

Here are a few ideas to support reading at home:

  • Share the book with your child – encourage them to turn the pages and hold it the correct way up. Point out the title to your child.
  • Talk about the pictures and what they can see. Encourage them to talk about the book. This is one of the first steps in reading development.
  • Read the story to your child. Allow them to comment on what is happening. (If you do not feel confident reading, you can always make up your own stories using the pictures)
  • Let your child ‘retell’ the story to you.
  • Point to the words as you read (not all the time) so your child picks up how we read left to right and top to bottom.
  • Repeating the book more than once helps your child to pick up stories and events.

Any questions please speak to a member of the Early Years team.

Thank you for your support

Miss Jones (EYFS leader)

T-T-21600B-Tommy-Thumb-Nursery-Rhyme-Poster-A4 copy