This week in science club, we wanted to investigate the quickest way of getting rid of candy floss. First of all we made our predictions, we all had different ideas! Then we collected our equipment and set up our investigation. We discussed the variables, what we would change and what we would keep the same. We made sure it was a fair test by measuring our liquids carefully. We poured different liquids onto the candy floss and timed how long it took to make the candy floss disappear. We then collated our data and put it into a chart. Water was by far the quickest dissolving the candy floss completely in 3.5 seconds. The baby oil took the longest time and stopped timing after 5 minutes as the candy floss was not dissolving. Finally we recorded our results and wrote our conclusion which was that water based products dissolve candy floss because water attracts the sugar molecules enabling the sugar to dissolve in water. Oil based products do not dissolve candy floss because oil doesn’t attract the sugar molecules which means they can’t dissolve.