It’s a YES from everyone who was lucky enough to enjoy our Years 3-5 Christmas Performances!


Our #WonderfulCommunity were entertained by over 90 children singing, dancing and acting in ‘Strictly Come the Xmas Factor!’ Our Musical Maestro (Mr. Ormondroyd) excelled himself with an entertaining show that displayed a tyrannical Mrs. Walton (she’s so lovely usually), a heartbroken Mr. Mitchell who was desperate for his water machine to work and an appearance by Father Christmas himself! But thankfully, it wasn’t a problem for our performing stars to shine at Christmas time as all entrants proved to be winners in the special script.

Thank you so much to the staff for their hard work, to our #WonderfulCommunity for the support and an enormous well done to Years 3, 4 and 5! An amazing experience to share.