Last Friday, Year 5 all took part in a SURVIVAL DAY at Hesley Wood. One of our activities was climbing. We had to use all our strength to climb the wall and retrieve a food item. We then had to discuss why we may or may not use this food item in a survival situation. The next activity was shelter building. We had to use some tarpaulin and rope to create the safest den that would stop the rain from getting in. After that, we went onto raft building. We had to safely get a chicken, some corn and a fox from one side of the lake to the other and back again ( but we had to use our problem solving skills to make sure that the chicken didn’t eat the corn…and the fox didn’t eat the chicken!) The final activity was fire building. We collected lots of wood and once the fire was roaring, we cooked some bread. It was a fantastic day and in the end WE ALL SURVIVED!