Welcome to West Meadows Primary School and thank you for visiting our website. We hope that by browsing our site, you will get a picture of our vision, our aims and the values we uphold.

At West Meadows Primary School we strive to create a secure and happy environment which inspires high aspiration, success in all areas and creates memorable experiences. The happiness and well-being of all of our children is at the centre of everything we do. Through hard work and respecting ourselves and others, we develop and strengthen our wonderful, supportive West Meadows family.

We aim to master key skills enabling children at West Meadows to become independent, creative, considerate to others and to maximise all talents and abilities.

Our goal is for our children to leave us with the skills required to be successful in the 21st Century: problem solving, critical and creative thinking and successful team work.

We strive for excellence by working hard together to provide the very best education for our children in an environment which nurtures and cares for every individual – ensuring they will aspire ‘to be the best they can be.’

Our school’s life is underpinned by our inclusive motto,

‘Aim High, Succeed, Be Happy.’

We are very proud of our #WonderfulCommunity; if you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards,

Mr. Daniel Wood

A Matching Pair

Network Rail have ‘gone above and beyond’ by working with our Year 2 Superstar pictured here. Of...

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Year One Assembly Stars

Year One provided the first Class Assembly of this term. They stole the show with work on Pirates, the Continents and then some amazing detail around the Great Fire of London. The children sang a brilliant pirate ditty –...

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Perfect Planets

Wow! This homework is beautiful. A planetarium and then all you need to know facts on our Solar System from a Year 5 budding astronaut! The home-made planetarium is stunning and painted perfectly. Just pause the film and check...

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Barnsley FC Shootout

It’s Penalty Time! We again team with our local football club, Yooooooou Reeeeeeds to challenge our striking stars with a sponsored penalty shootout. The shootout raises funds for school and for the work Barnsley FC do in the...

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More interesting than Mr. Wood’s writing – enjoy the latest Newsletter right here – with a special Sports’ Section.

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Key Stage 1 Winners

Our team travelled to Jump Primary for the Key stage 1 Gymnastics Competition. Everyone involved was amazing. So amazing that they came home with the trophy as event winners. Miss Grange and her support team are SO proud of...

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Red Nose Block Code

Year 3 have been using the new scratch 3 offline editor to code their Red Nose Day themed game. Red noses appear randomly on screen, when they are squeezed, the funny face stretches and points are added to the score.

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Year 3 Arts Workshops

As part of our arts topic, we have been learning about the different styles of Monet. We use Taching techniques, which means touch, and looked at how Monet used paint to create different light effects. We created some amazing...

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Theatre Magic

We hosted a production of Jack & The Beanstalk in school – it was amazing so a huge thanks to Mrs. Roberts for arranging this treat. The show acted as a prequel for our visit to the Civic Theatre with EYFS2 next month....

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