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What is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)?

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the period of education for all children from the age of three until the summer before they enter Year 1. The EYFS is based upon four principles;
 A Unique child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments, Learning and Development.

The Early Years Foundation Stage ensures that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. It promotes teaching and learning and gives children the wide range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life.

It builds on the learning that children will have gained already from their families and home environment and continues as a partnership between practitioner, parent and child.

Many of our children enter our setting just after their 3rd birthday (3 intakes per year). Parents/ carers can choose from am or pm sessions or a 30 hours place (5 full days). Some children will join at the start of Foundation Stage 2 (full time) from surrounding early years providers and child minders.

The EYFS, characteristics of effective learning are; playing and exploring, active learning, and creativity and critical thinking. These characteristics underpin how we organise and teach at West Meadows.

EYFS Areas of Learning
We follow the strands set by this curriculum and concentrate on the learning opportunities on the seven areas of learning (3 Prime and 4 Specific) which are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development;
  • Communication and Language;
  • Physical Development;
  • Literacy;
  • Mathematics;
  • Understanding the World;
  • Expressive Arts and Design.

In Foundation Stage 1 the focus is on the 3 Prime Areas of learning and the Characteristics of Effective Learning. In Foundation Stage 2 we build on these areas with more focus on the 4 specific strands. In Foundation Stage 1 children will also be taught and involved in experiences from the specific areas alongside the prime areas. The areas cannot be delivered in isolation from the others. All areas are delivered through a balance of adult initiated and child-initiated activities. Through play and practical experiences children learn about the world and their place in it. We set realistic yet challenging expectations that meet the needs of our children.

At the end of Foundation Stage 2, teachers will assess whether a child is meeting the level of development expected at the end of the Reception for each Early Learning Goal within the curriculum.

How will the Children be learning at our school?

Three, four and five-year-old children will need a variety of experiences to help them to learn and make progress.  All children learn best from experiences that are suitable for their stage of development, rather than their age alone.

At West Meadows we recognise that the environment plays a key role in supporting and extending the children’s development. This begins by observing the children and assessing their interests, development and learning, before planning challenging but achievable activities and experiences to extend the children’s learning. At West Meadows it involves offering a rich and varied environment which is safe, secure and challenging to support children’s learning. We endeavour to work in partnership with other settings and outside agencies.

The environment is organised to best meet the learning needs of the children and therefore is frequently changed. We have a separate Foundation 1(Nursery) and Foundation 2 (reception) classroom and share an outdoor learning space and wild walk area.

For observations and assessments, we use the online digital learning journey – Learning book – observations and assessments will be recorded for each child these will be used to plan next steps and provide the correct learning opportunities. Parents and Carers can access their own child’s learning book online or using the app. Parents can upload learning from home to share with school.

If you like to find out more about West Meadows Early Years Foundation Stage please take a look at our website, twitter pages @WMprimary, @WMPrimaryF1, @WMPrimaryF2 or contact school.

Statutory framework-https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/596629/EYFS_STATUTORY_FRAMEWORK_2017.pdf

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The main policy is The St Marys Academy Trust Early Years Foundation Stage policy.


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