We believe, at West Meadows Primary School, in developing a positive attitude and a love of learning towards Religious Education. We hope to enthuse, inspire and educate young people by giving pupils the opportunity to learn and reflect about religious experiences that different people have had over time. Sensitive topics like the existence of God, life after death and the meaning of life, enable the pupils to think beyond their normal daily experiences. The school follows a multi-faith approach and acknowledges and respects that some pupils may not have any religious affiliation at all.


We aim to provide a curriculum that allows children to develop lively enquiring minds with the ability to question and reflect on their experience. We seek to instil respect for religious and moral values and tolerance of all races, religions and ways of life.

Key Stage 1

In KS1, children will have an opportunity to develop their Religious Education knowledge through weekly lessons. They begin to build their learning by being introduced to religious stories and discussing their meanings.

Key Stage 2

In KS2, children are encouraged to be more independent learners through an increased amount of enquiry and investigative elements in their weekly Religious Education lessons. Children will explore a wide range of concepts and develop the independence to compare religions and beliefs.

The school recognises the right of parents/carers to ask for their child to be withdrawn from all or part of the Religious Education or collective worship provided.


We want children to have an awareness of the relevance of Religious Education in the real world and aim to link this within our curriculum. We hope to increase enjoyment, tolerance and understanding of learning about different cultures and religions. We want children to have independence to make their own choices about beliefs and values that are important to them.

RE in our school

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